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The One for Web can help you take that first step and get your business onto the web!

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How The One for Web can help

Website design

    Let us help you take that first step and get your business onto the Web.

Web DesignWe discuss and agree your requirements. We help you to visualise your website by showing you what is possible.

Web DesignWe work together on a plan to deliver your website that meets your needs within our resources.

Web DesignWe design and build your website by creating a series of prototypes so you can provide feedback on what works best for you.

Web DesignWe integrate graphics or photographs into your site which can be sourced from the net or from your business.

Web DesignWe help you implement your website on the web and provide free support for the first couple of months.

Web DesignWe are happy to discuss the ongoing management of your site for a fee that suits you.

Web DesignTo keep your management costs down we can show you how to update the content yourself.

Web DesignIf you have any questions check out our FAQs page or use our Contact Us page.

Web DesignNeed a quote? We need some information to get the ball rolling, just choose 'Get a Quote!'


Need more information? Check out our FAQs page.


Did you know? We base all our websites on responsive themes which means they look good on all the different devices.

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Need a quote? We need some information to get the ball rolling.

Design and Build Website

Web Design

  • We will develop your site based upon WordPress. We will select from a suitable choice of Themes together with Plugins to create the website you need.
  • All our websites are based upon responsive themes which means they will look good on all the different devices.
  • We will help you build the content so that it takes into account keywords necessary for search engine optimisation.
  • We will prototype your site on our own development site so you can review it remotely and provide feedback.
  • We can integrate your business logo if you have this already but if not now is a good time to organise one. If you wish we can arrange for your logo to be produced by one of our preferred designers.
  • We can integrate graphics into your site. If your site would benefit from photography there are many sites that can offer free photos. You may already have photos you can use from your business.

Implement Website

Implementing your Website is the exciting part of owning a Website.
Taking that Step Up:

  • Puts your business where it belongs on the World Wide Web!
  • Your marketplace just got bigger. Marketing your business will now have a new dimension!
  • Your business now has enhanced credibility!

Implementing your Website requires a few easy steps that we are happy to help you with:

  • You need a domain name (Web Address) - Your 'WWW' address on the web needs to be recognisable as your business and needs to be unique. When you have decided what it will be you will need to register it. Your registra will charge a small annual fee.
  • Employ a web host - You will need to contract a host to run your website which also carries is a small annual cost.

Manage Website

So you have designed your site and put it live, what else is there? We offer a service to help you with your ongoing management of change to your website.

  • Your site is a reflection of your business which most likely will be a source of continuous content change. You will want to keep your site up to date and WordPress is designed to assist with this.
  • What else can change? Your site is based on the latest versions of software. Like all good software WordPress adapts to the latest security, style and technology changes. The theme your site is based on will also get upgraded. Often this will offer opportunities to take advantage of new features. Your site will also incorporate software 'Plugins' which have been used to enhance WordPress functionality. Plugins will also evolve their functionality which also means new features for you to take advantage of. Whilst new releases are generally well tested, their ongoing compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and your theme will need to be monitored.
  • The design of your website does not need to remain the same. Over time you may wish to upgrade yours to improve your position in the marketplace versus your competitors. This may include Search Engine Optimisation which is about improving the choice of key words in your content to attract search engine customers.